Cake O Clock, Hurray!!

Happy Days!

Today is a Happy day in the Poppy Treffry studio! Those of you who follow us on facebook and twitter might remember that last week we ran out of biscuits, sad days indeed. This week the fabulous people at Honeybuns have made our weeks by sending us a lovely box of cakes, and Poppy’s away so that’s all the more for us! We worked with Honeybuns a few years ago on some badges and very much look forward to working with them again in the future and meanwhile we can thoroughly recommend their delicious wares, they’ll be powering the Poppy Treffry studio today! You can find Honeybuns on Twitter and Facebook to keep right up to date with cake!

Thumbs up to Honeybuns

My NEW CAMERA arrived!

So it was my belated new years resolution to finally keep the Poppy Treffry blog up to date! In my head I will be putting pen to paper – fingers to keyboard – every Sunday but we’ll see how it goes!

The most exciting thing that happened this week was…My NEW CAMERA arrived! I have been excited ever since I ordered it 2 weeks ago, it took it’s time to get across the pond to me but it was well worth the wait….

It’s technically so that I can get back to taking lovely lifestyle shots of our products (when Justin and I divided up our workshops he got the camera and I got the charger! So I’ve had no camera since May) But I had to get testing it the minute the battery was charged and here are some of the early results….

Oil and Vinegar

Squabbling Gulls on Wherry Town beach

I only took one photo of Biba - honest!

The workshop wall

Brand new cushions for 2012

Great news folks! We’ve been very busy over the last few months, working on lots of lovely new things! Some you’ll get to see in the next few weeks and others you’ll have to wait another couple of months for, booo!!

As it’s Friday and everyone has been very well behaved this week we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of our new embroidered cushions collection. These beautiful big cushions are the result of a collaboration with local artist and designer Samuel Winterbourne, who we think is a very talented young man and sure to go far. We’ll be launching the beautiful Love Nest cushion in time for Valentines day so this is a Friday teaser/ treat for you, to whet the appetite!!

Love nest


We’d love to hear what you think and we can’t wait to tell you when they are live on our website! Happy weekends folks x

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