To Eden and back…

I packed my boot full of our brand new recycled cosies as well as an array of studio bits and bobs (including one of my darling Singers!) and made my way over to the Eden Project to set up our new display there. After not getting lost on my way to the warehouse I got a lift down to the Link Shop (which is a new retail space right down between the two biomes) passing behind the scenes where gardeners, chefs, people with clip boards and walkie-talkies were all running about making everything run smoothly for the 3000 visitors they were expecting.

Down in the shop I met Wendy who is the main lady at the link shop and a great character – worth going just to meet her even if you don’t buy a tea cosy – which you should of course!

We lugged rustic crates and suitcases about, moved sacks of coffee and banana trees until we’d got the Poppy Treffry space just right, I then set to work putting all the products out and attaching barcodes – all this whilst throngs of people milled about the shop, looking over my shoulder and asking me questions as if I worked there! – I just had to bluff my way through those!

The products are unlike anything we’ve done before – they’re made form 100% recycled and vintage fabrics and are really colourful and funky and they are all completely different from each other. It’s a bit of an experiment as I wanted to do something special for Eden that tied in with their green view of things.

It was a busy, if sweltering, morning but I’m pleased with the display so hopefully you can go and have a look for yourselves and keep me posted on how things are looking down there – you are my eyes and ears chaps!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Treffers Junior
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 20:10:32

    Hey Pops,
    The display looks absolutely fantastic and the textiles are beautiful, some of my very favourites so far!!
    Good work,
    Faye xx


  2. Julie Hanson
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 08:07:22

    My Mum’s on her annual visit to us – took her to Eden yesterday – and we found 3 cosies MADE OUT OF HER OWN 30 year-old CURTAINS!!! You bought the shiny orange and the leafy flowers from me in May at Hayle car boot sale. We were very amused and delighted. (I’ve already recycled some into waistcoats…)
    Left the cosies for someone else to buy!! Why don’t you convert to making everything out of recycled stuff?
    All the best


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