We made it home from Country Living!

The truck arrives...

At this point we went for a fry up...

It all loooked lovely by 6pm

Faye and I dragged our weary feet into the studio on Monday – straight from the sleeper train to work (helped by the on board wakeup call with tea and croissants!) The show was fab – we had a great time and sold lots of things and really enjoyed meeting our lovely customers – they’re ace!

There were some beautiful stands – Hope and Benson next door is a firm favourite and we did some cool swaps! I also did a wee bit of shopping at Made in Hastings – lovely stuff.

We also stuffed our faces every day at some fantastic eateries – makes a change from the usual Penzance fair (not that aren’t some great places to eat in PZ…) I had rabbit for the first time at The Elk in the Woods and tried to force Faye to eat albondigas (meatballs!) at Cuba Libre even though she’s been veggy for years – tee hee!

We’ve got lots of ideas for next year…if I could only find the energy to write them down!


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