Summer in Cornwall

To me, Summer in Cornwall is about…

The A30 at a standstill, most of the time.

High streets busy with pasty handed wanderers.

Galleries thronging with people discovering the rich talent of Cornwall.

Poor holidaymakers scurrying through the rain, braving a downpour to nip to the famous Jelberts ice cream shop.

Seagulls attacking, flying off with sausage roll shaped treasure!

The Poppy Treffry team tucked away in our rooftop studio, stitching still – come rain or shine. Hoping for ‘shine’ so we can lunch outside by the harbour.

The view from the Poppy Treffry studio

The view from the Poppy Treffry studio

So tell us, what is Summer about to you? And can you guess what season this photo of the view from our studio was taken in?

Look forward to hearing from you,


(Sales and Marketing)

Photographic evidence of ‘The Visit!’

Kirsty and Phil in Jess' garden

Kirsty and Phil in Jess' garden

Just for anybody who doubted the authenticity of our previous post, here is the photographic evidence of Phil and Kirsty’s big adventures in Chacewater, Cornwall, UK!

Kirsty, Phil and the tea cosy

Don’t get me wrong, I love my work here in the studio, but when Kirsty and Phil from Relocation,Relocation, want to come and view your house you just have to get the day off! So here I am in the studio, on not my normal working day and what could be the last of the sunny days!! I’m not bitter though and  I did manage to get a tea cosy in prime position in the kitchen for the film crew (just next to the cooker). Phil has a very firm ( quite manly) handshake and Kirsty had the biggest sun hat I had ever seen (only she could have pulled this off so well). Both were lovely as were all the crew, I think they all quite liked in down here in the sunshine. So look out in about 6 months time for a cornish episode of Relocation, Relocation to see us on the little screen!


(Production and dispatch manager)


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