Busy bees in the bag factory!

It’s all systems go in our studio at the moment as we have lots of trade orders heading out to the States.


It’s all hands on deck to create our lovely Long Rock Tote bags, our handy Mini Messengers and our marvellous Mount’s Bay Messengers.




Phew!! Time for a cuppa!!

A fond farewell….

Hello! It’s Sarah from the shop at St Ives, although sadly not for much longer as I will be leaving Poppy Treffry at the end of the week. I must just say that it is not due to the company or the lovely people but becuase of me! I work part time in the shop and also have my own little business designing stationery for weddings and occassions and have got very busy in the last few months and just won a national award (i’ll tell you about that in a minute!). It was a very hard decision to make as Poppy and the team are just the loveliest bunch of people and have been so good to me, but I just need more time to concentrate on my own business.

card at table

Last year I was nominated for the ‘Best Wedding Stationery‘ award by Wedding Ideas magazine. In December I found out I had made it to the finals and was invited to the awards night at Tower Bridge Hotel in London on January 11th. The magazine also asked me to create the stationery for the tables and winners cards so it was great to see it all laid out. It was all very glamorous with all of the top wedding industry suppliers all under the same roof. There were butlers in the buff serving champagne, a glass giraffe vodka luge and celebrity entertainment by Francine Lewis from Britain’s got talent. Once we’d eaten our 3 course meal it was awards time and the stationery category was the first one up. To say I was nervous was a massive understatement! Then they read out my name and I was so shocked, overwhelmed and excited. I could only describe the feeling as I thought I was going to burst! Biggest smile ever and still smiling now.

on stage

The whole night was a bit of a blur (not due to alcohol!) and a very sureal experience-one that I will never forget! After a bit of boogying and mingling it was time for bed but not before a photo with my trophy infront of the screen on the way out. Felt like a celebrity on the red carpet!  I lay in bed thinking; did that actually just happen, it felt like a dream.

infront screen

I am very overwhelmed, proud and grateful that my little business has won a national award-still can’t believe it! Plus got lots of exciting  new things on the horizon too. If any of you are engaged and after some whimsical rustic stationery for your wedding, then you can have a look at my collections over at www.sarahwants.com.

It’s been a great few years working at Poppy Treffry and I will miss you all so very much. I have never had the privilege of working with such a fantastic, funny and skilled bunch of tea addicted nutters before! The Christmas party roller disco was a highlight of course-lost count of the times poor studio Sara fell over! I will visit the shop regularly and keep upto date on what’s new over on the Facebook page. Thanks for everything-its been a blast and I have very fond memories of my time at Poppy Treffry.

2013-02-26 14.33.35

Fun times!

Perfect presents for perfect people!

Can you believe that it is December tomorrow-that is officially Christmas in our books. If that makes you panic a bit then don’t fret; we’ve come up with some super little gift combos for you. So now it’s super easy to choose and takes the stress out of your shopping, so you have more time to drink mulled wine and scoff mince pies! Just because we’re nice we are offering you FREE DELIVERY this weekend on all orders until Monday 2nd December, just enter ‘SHIP2013′ at the checkout and thank us later!


One of our most popular fabrics is the Daschund, it seems to be the dog on trend right now. So why not treat your loved one to a cute little purse and a ‘don’t I look dashing’ lipbalm. Click here to have a look. Even if they don’t have a daschund, then surely this is the next best thing as you can carry them around in your handbag just like a real one!


For all those bicycle lovers there’s the big and small useful purses that can be used for storage of many useful things. Toiletries, pens & pencils or even all your bike related gubbins! Or there is a notebook for writing down a list of adventures and places to explore on your bike. Buy them here.


The oyster catcher was one of Poppy’s first ever designs and still remains a very popular favourite today. Available on a little badge and useful purses. Catch them here!


and for all of the sewers, (we know there are quite a few out there!) why not treat them to a pretty little sewing purse to store all their needles, threads and treasured bobbins. They could wear an embroidered badge with pride as they happily whip up their latest make and enjoy some ‘sew lovely’ lipbalm. Take a look at them here.


For anyone who loves the coast, and dreams of lazy days on the beach watching the boats trawling by, whilst listening to the sound of the gulls then don’t miss our boaty combo set. Our flotilla useful purse, embroidered gul badge and cheeky ‘hello buoys’ lipbalm-the perfect boaty gifts. Click here to trawl it into your basket!

Hope we’ve given you some good ideas for gifts now and do utilise our FREE DELIVERY over the weekend by entering ‘SHIP2013′ at the checkout.  Now I better send the husband up in the loft to dig out the decorations and that ball of tangled fairy lights and get festive!

Happy Halloween!

I think I could probably put money on the fact that you have a carved pumpkin in your house right now, but what will you do with it when Halloween has passed…….easy peasy spiced pumpkin soup of course!

This is a recipe for a creamy pumpkin soup with a bit of a kick and is one of team Treffry’s favourites.

bowl of finished soup

You will need….

55g unsalted butter

2 medium white onions

6 cloves of garlic

1/4 teaspoon of crushed red pepper

2 teaspoons of curry powder

1/2 teaspoon of ground coriander

a pinch of cayenne pepper

1300g of roasted pumpkin (average size pumpkin)

1250ml of chicken broth (or vegetable for vegetarians)

500ml milk

115g brown sugar

125ml double cream

serves 6 – 8 people.

What you need to do….

1. Firstly you’ll need to roast the pumpkin to soften it, so cut your pumpkin in half and if you haven’t already; scoop out the stringy bits and seeds with a spoon. Cover a tray with foil and add a squiz of olive oil and put your pumpkins face down. You can cut them into quarters to make them fit better if you need to. Cook in the oven on 170 degrees for 45 minutes-1 hour until soft. Then leave to cool for 10 minutes and scoop the pumpkin away from the skin with a spoon or a knife and cut into smaller pieces and set aside in a bowl.


2. Melt the butter in a large pan (big enough for making soup!) and add the onions and garlic and cook until soft and then add the spices and cook for a few more minutes, at this point the aroma is divine! Add your pumpkin pieces to the pan along with your broth and mix together well, then bring to the boil, reduce the heat and let it simmer for 20 minutes.


3. After the 20 minutes, take off the heat and allow to cool. This may take a while but it is important to let it cool a bit before blending it as I don’t want you to burn yourself! You can either transfer to a blender or use a hand held blender to mix it in the pan. So blitz away until smooth!

4. Return to a low heat and slowly pour in the milk whilst stirring. Now you can have a little taste of your soup-you may like it as it is, or you can add the brown sugar to make it sweet, add more spice for extra kick or add the cream to make it smoother.

Voilah-easy as that and super yummy!

Meet the team – Liz!

So we thought you’d like to meet another member of our team, this time we want to introduce you to the lovely Liz!

Liz is fairly new to team Treffry, she started in June to help us out in our shop in St.Ives over the busy summer. In her interview Liz said she could sew, so Poppy gave her a trial and she wasn’t wrong! Liz has been sewing since she was a child and was taught everything she knows from her creative & crafty mother! Now that the summer has passed Poppy has utilised Liz’s skills and you will find her in the studio sewing away under a fabric mountain. She mostly sews up our super useful purses and tote bags. In fact sometimes its hard for her to keep up, as you lot seem to love them and they don’t stay on our shelves for very long.

liz 1

This is Liz happily sewing away in the studio, she is very good at multi tasking as she can sew whilst nattering away to the team AND drink her tea! Can you spot Freya in the background making the tea for everyone. Liz has black earl grey and her favourite biscuit for dunking is a custard cream.

Liz said the best thing about working at the studio is the eclectic mix of music you get to sew to. You never know what will come on next-anything from Stones Roses to Gotan Project which is Argentinean samba and rather up beat and jolly. According to Poppy it helps you to sew faster!


On Liz’s last day off she attended Trevaskis Farm‘s annual apple day. Trevaskis farm is a wonderful place where they grow lots of produce that you can go and pick yourself. There are also lots of resident animals to see, an amazing farm shop and a restaurant famous with the locals for its impressive desserts! On apple day there were crates of apples lined up that you could taste and buy. As well as tasting of different ciders, cheeses and chef specials including pork & apple scotch eggs, pork & Rattler pasties, apple doughnuts, turnovers & meringues….mmm now I’m hungry! Liz’s dogs Bella & Scrappy had more than their 5 a day and enjoyed all of the leftover apple cores. Next time you’re around you should definitely make a trip to Trevaskis Farm for the day. Highly recommended!

apple day

Liz likes to cook, when she can get in the kitchen that is… she is very lucky as her husband is a chef! Her signature dish is similar to a Spanish paella with rice scattered with chicken, chorizo, orange slices, red peppers, onions and olives. Sounds tasty hey!

liz 2

Liz’s favourite Poppy Treffry product is the bicycle tote bag, she carries it everywhere as it is really well made and strong. She says ‘its bottomless, it just fits everything in’ The one that she has, is even one that she made herself-how good is that! Liz also loves the little robin badges that Freya so patiently creates; they’re just so cute and amazing. We currently have some with spotty backgrounds that look like snow-perfect for that big ‘C’ season ahead!


Poppy’s Pure Nuff Stuff

We have had a super duper start to summer in our lovely new little shop in St.Ives and we want to tell you about some exciting new things we are now selling!

Poppy Treffry has got together with Pure Nuff stuff who are a natural skin care company in Penzance, and we have created some scrummy new soaps and lip balms for our customers.

Pure Nuff Stuff lovingly hand make their products in small batches so you can customise a product with your favourite scent; how good is that! They whip up delightful things like shea souffle, body bliss and sole food with natural ingredients and oils to create some heavenly smells. Pure Nuff Stuff products are SLS and paraben free, so you can be assured that there is no nastiness inside; just the pure natural, nourishing and moisturing ingredients. They don’t test on animals either-just willing people!

pure nuff stuff

You may think Pure Nuff Stuff is a bit of a silly name, but they didn’t want anything twee like Lavender Lane or anything, so they chose a name to reflect their beliefs. Things have to be pure enough to go into their products; so it’s Pure Nuff Stuff. Their motto is ‘keeping you and the planet clean’ and we love it!

So a few weeks ago Poppy visited Pure Nuff Stuff in Penzance and got to choose her very own combinations of smells; she had a great time sniffing all the bottles and coming up with her very own Poppy Treffry range. We all think she’s done a fab job…

poppy 1

So now in our shop we’ve got some luscious lip balms, each with a different tantalising flavour, there’s spearmint, lemon and lime, rose, sweet orange & vanilla (smells just like terry’s chocolate orange!) and unscented for those of you with sensitive skin. The ingredients are pure and simple; olive oil, Cornish beeswax, calendula oil, cocoa butter and a few drops of essential oil for the aroma. Each one has a quirky little Poppy Treffry design too!

poppy 2

We’ve also got some scrumptious soaps – they do smell good enough to eat, but we recommend that you don’t! We have our donkey soap which is cinnamon and vanilla, so you can have Christmas every day! Our Sewclean soap of Patchouli, Lavender & Vanilla, our boaty soap with Teatree, Rosemary & Lavender & a gul ‘dont nick my soap’ bar of Chamomile & Geranium.

poppy 3

Our shop smells so good and many of our lovely customers comment on it when they walk through the door. So next time you’re in St. Ives, come and have a sniff of Poppy’s Pure Nuff Stuff. If you’re not anywhere near Cornwall then don’t lose any sleep over it, because it’s all going to be available to buy from the website in September!

Experiencing Poppy Treffry!

Over the past two weeks I have completed some work experience at the one and only Poppy Treffry! It’s such a good learning experience and i’ve had lots of fun seeing behind the scenes of the business and studio. Everyone was extremely welcoming and lovely and I have learnt alot. This is such a big thing towards my future and I would strongly reccomend any student wondering about doing a work experience somewhere during or after college/university as it is really helpful and worth it :)

During my time i took some photographs which i will be uplaoding with a more in depth post on my own blog when i get home back up north next week so keep your eyes peeled!
For more info check out rosebudcasson.blogspot.co.uk !

Lots of Love,

Rosie x



Brand new cushions for 2012

Great news folks! We’ve been very busy over the last few months, working on lots of lovely new things! Some you’ll get to see in the next few weeks and others you’ll have to wait another couple of months for, booo!!

As it’s Friday and everyone has been very well behaved this week we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of our new embroidered cushions collection. These beautiful big cushions are the result of a collaboration with local artist and designer Samuel Winterbourne, who we think is a very talented young man and sure to go far. We’ll be launching the beautiful Love Nest cushion in time for Valentines day so this is a Friday teaser/ treat for you, to whet the appetite!!

Love nest


We’d love to hear what you think and we can’t wait to tell you when they are live on our website! Happy weekends folks x

So, what was in Santa’s sack? And who won?!

Drum roll please for the big sack contents reveal. We’ve wrestled Santa to the ground, nabbed his sack and opened it up to give you all a look. We’ll apologise to him in a mo and give him a double brandy!

Here it is…………

A reminder of the closed sack...







Santas innards!!


And the Winner is…….. Nina!

So Nina you have our competition won,

We hope whilst entering you had some fun,

If you tell us where you live,

We have all these presents we can give!

Just drop us a line with your address to hello@poppytreffry.co.uk with ‘Santas sack’ as the title and we’ll post you your prize. Huge well done from us all here

Dec 14, 2011 @ 19:42:50 [Edit]

A lovely tea towel? Perfect for hanging on the oven door whilst the Christmas dinner cooks away!)

Nina’s winning comment

But what’s this… surely not a surprise runner up????? Yes it is. We think Laura Courtenay’s entries were so well written that she deserves a special prize so drop us a line with your address to hello@poppytreffry.co.uk Laura and we’ll have the elves knock something up for you.

(Laura Courtenay,feltmaker.
Dec 14, 2011 @ 10:43:45 [Edit]

Santa oh Santa don’t get in distress!
Your filing system is in a terrible mess,
This ‘ere new fangled technology keeps it all in one place,
And to keep it all safe here’s a new GADGET CASE!) 

(An example of one of Laura’s entries!)

To everyone else, thanks for entering and we wish you a Very Happy Christmas xxx

Some of things that happen with our fabric scraps!

Fabric Pics

As you can probably imagine we create a lot of fabric scraps in our studio! We try and use up as much as we can on our smaller items, badges and egg cosies, our bunting packs and some of the applique, but we just can’t use it all. The bits we can’t use often end up in some very different places and we wanted to share these lovely pictures with you from the Salvation Army Toddler group in Hayle, and their stick and glue session (Might while away a few afternoons ourselves doing this!!)


Lighthouse Pics

Sol's Lighthouse




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