Better Old than New…

I’ve been having lots of fun over the past few weeks collating vintage pieces to sell in our shop alongside the textiles, ceramics and haberdashery. I love finding something really unique and beautifully worn, or something that seems bang up to date but is actually 40 or 50 years old.

I have my favourite haunts which shall of course remain secret upon pain of death! But I wanted to share some of the other amazing vintage shops that we have down here in West Cornwall as a bimble around them (as well as a trip to ours of course) is definitely as good way to spend a day – especially if, god forbid!, it’s a bit drizzly!

Steckfensters – this overwhelming bazaar of the bizarre fills a gorgeously grand window on Penzance’s ancient Chapel Street. With unusual nick-nacks spilling onto the street you’re as likely to find a moose’s head as a 50’s coffee pot or a tractor seat.

Open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays (I think)

Boudoir – Then over the street just at the entrance to the antiques market on Chapel Street (and next to the lovely tea shop Dishotay where you can find lots of PT goodies!)  is my friend Sarah’s lovely vintage clothes shop, Boudoir. It’s much more girly than Steckfensters and great for picking up something floaty and gorgeous that no one else has. She also has a good stash of shoes and bags!

Open Tuesday – Saturday (I think!)

Beaten Green – Now hop on a train to St Ives and on your way into town you can visit the fabulous Beaten Green (I’ve heard rumours of queues outside before opening time) A large granite building filled to the brim with vintage finds from furniture (including some pieces with lots of small drawers….my personal fetish!) to fabrics and the odd enamel colander!

Open rain or Shine every day (I’m pretty sure!)

The Vintage Store – Carry on along the seafront into town and keep an eye out for the stylish A-board for The Vintage Store. It’s up a little flight of stairs and houses a beautifully curated collection of mainly 50’s and 60’s pieces including letterpress posters, tin cars, small drawers (again!), angle poises, factory lights and a lovely bit of Ercol. Their website is well worth a peek too!

I’m not sure of opening hours – check the website or call ahead

I’m off to Paris on Thursday (hurrah) so the hunt will be on for some Parisian gems (aided by my friend Natalie over at Things I Saw and liked )

Be great to know your favourite vintage haunts and what you just can’t help buying…

Craft business heroes (like Poppy Treffry) and a little competition

When we first started, down here at Treffry Towers, we had to do a lot of learning ‘on the job’. We made mistakes (and mostly we learnt from them) and we talked to lots of people in lots of places to get advice and tips on running a business, cause nobody knows like those who’ve been through it. So when we were approached by Alison McNicol (founder of stitchclub) to be involved in her book of craft business tips and advice we were really pleased to be able to give a bit of advice back! And we were very excited when we found out that Alison was producing not one but two books, and we were to be considered Craft Business Heroes, it’s got a certain ring to it don’t you think?! And now both books are out and about for you to buy and peruse, Available at Amazon and also in our little shop in St Ives.

If your feeling super modern you can also buy both books for your kindle! (Which of course you can keep warm with one of our kindle cosies!!)

If you fancy a chance to win our lovely cat kindle cosy and a free download of both of Alison McNicols books you can enter our competition here but do be warned, it’s a tricky one!!

We need another shop assistant for our St Ives shop

Hurray, we have another opportunity to work with us! We’re looking for a shop assistant for our shop in St Ives for the summer season. We’re looking for someone to cover Mondays and Tuesday from April 2nd 2012 to September 25th 2012 and to also cover some Sundays during school holidays (Easter, half term and Summer hols).

We’re looking for someone keen to act as an ambassador for Poppy Treffry ltd who can enthuse over pretty things and provide super wonderful customer service in our shop!

If you think this could be you then we’d love to hear from you. You can drop Faye a line to and she can then give you all the details. We’ll be looking to interview on Friday March 9th 2012.

When I’m not Sewing….

I love planning holidays! I love getting into the nitty gritty logistics of getting from Penzance to somewhere sunny or snowy or getting a crowd of family members together in a big house somewhere fun or old friends from across the globe together for a party.

Yes I’ve been known to use spread sheets and spend many a happy/frustrating hour trawling the net for the best deals, at the best prices, in the most convenient locations at the most convenient times, with all aspects (parking, eating, surfing, sketching, wifi, breakfast, cots, attraction opening times and plenty more) considered and carefully researched.

And now my family seem to have given up trying to stop this ridiculous control freakery and when they need a holiday they just put me on it. Though when I left my Dad in charge of his own bookings he did get a lovely hotel in Madeira but a flight to Madrid!

Occasionally during my searches I come across very lovely websites – it’s not often I can afford anything on them but just browsing is very inspiring. Here are just a couple of favourites…I’d love to hear yours!

I found this site whilst hunting for a London pad for a wedding next month…

Planning some quirky camping?

This is a bit closer to home and we’re thinking it would make a lovely location for a PT photoshoot!

And these chaps are friends of ours…what a gorgeous selection of places to stay in Cornwall!

I just finished my book….

I’m very happy that since having a baby I have rediscovered reading. I now always have a book on the go and I’ve just finished one that I got for Christmas, Summer in February by Jonathan Smith.

The book tells the tale of the artists at Lamorna in the early 20th century, just prior to the First World War. The plot centres on a young, precocious, Alfred Munnings who throws wild parties every night and holds the entire artist community in awe with his talent, his wit, his ability to drink and recite very long poems by Poe.

There’s also Major Gilbert Evans the estate manager at Lamorna, mild mannered, agreeable and beloved by artists and locals alike who Munnings swiftly befriends with the Major becoming Munnings main friend and confidant.

Cue the arrival of the beautiful and ever so ‘paintable’ Florence….and a tale of friendship, love, and wotnot (by wotnot I mean heartbreak, sadness, passion, love, death) ensues – gripping!

Also gripping is the fact that they’re making a movie of the book right outside our workshop at the moment! We’re expecting Dominic Cooper and Dan Stevens for tea any day now!

Munnings loved to paint horses (and women)

But he really loved painting cows

We did ask if we could be extras...

My Trip to New York and the Gift Fair

So I’m finally recovered from the jet lag and reacquainted with my laptop so time for a Sunday evening blog all about my little trip to the Big Apple.

I travelled with my dear friend Lindsay from as we were both exhibiting at the New York International Gift fair with a group of other British Makers. Highlights of the outbound journey were probably the Gü pot on Virgin and watching Bridesmaids!

New York was bizarrely mild and I managed with only one or two layers most days – instead of the usual 6 or 7! The gift fair was massive and I only made it around a couple of halls during the last day (and managed to do a teensy bit of buying for the shop…pretty ribbon anyone?!). Below are some shots of my fellow Brits and a couple of the stands that really stood out in the hand made designer maker section and just a few of the many shots I took of New York by night!

After manning the stand for 9 hours every day there was only a little sight seeing (by which I mean shopping!) window but we packed it in and quickly erased any profits from the show on tasty dinners and $4 margaritas! (And we’re hoping there won’t be too many lasting ill effects from 6 days of no sunlight!)

Enjoy the pics….

My Stand…

note a little glimpse of our new printed cushions

And hanging out on The Black Rabbit’s stand

Ruth Tomlinson’s exquisite porcelain jewellery….

Annie Neill’s yummy socks…

The Black Rabbit’s ‘Bods’

Debbie Bryan’s lovely lace…

Katie Mawson’s soft and colourful knits…

Tammy Child’s elegant silk organza bags and scarves…

Tania Clarke Hall’s funky leather jewellery…

Jacqueline Cullen’s stunning pieces in Whitby Jet, 18 carat gold and black diamonds…

And one of my favourite stands from the show Coral and Tusk….

And this stand was fun too…if you like pants…which I do! (reminded me of my final year’s collection on my degree)

And a wee bit of sightseeing….


In The Met

On Roosevelt Island

Took a fair few of these....

And just managed to squeeze in a trip to Anthropologie on 5th avenue….

Should maybe have bought something lighter!


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